Sunday, November 28, 2010

Enough of the Complains, ELF~

Apparently, there are still many people who do not understand what fandom is.Specifically speaking, many still do not comprehend what being an ELF means.
I am terribly disappointed.
I was browsing through Ms. Happee’s page on Facebook and I can’t help but get annoyed with acouple of comments complaining about the tickets, the prices, the reservations, and everythingthere is which can be talked about.
This is way too much.
I wonder where the hell do these people get the nerves to complain. It’s very comparable to thathater. Many are saying things are unfair or things should be like this, and should not be likethat…
Yes, the changes on the information can be quite confusing. Especially for those who aren’t really keeping up with the announcements. I understand the feeling because as the one who compiled the SS3 Manila updates, I get confused at times too.
But hey, I don’t remember myself complaining this much.
Me, along with my friends? Yes, we have questions. We post reactions. But that’s just it. We didn’t take the toll of really posting something hurtful on the organizers’ page. Really. I can’t take even just thethought of it.
Because you know what? We pay respect to the people who made it happen for all of us.
Call me a leech or whatever you want. I am protecting the characteristic of a real ELF from people who would want to intervene and ruin its name – people who ride the bandwagon and callthemselves SJ’s number one fan right ahead.
LOL guys. Being an ELF is not just because Super Junior members are heavenly handsome. THERE’S MORE TO THAT THAT EACH NEW FAN SHOULD UNDERSTAND.
One thing. If this ticketing procedure annoys you, What more if your questions don’tget answered? If you find everything the organizers do unfair, what do you call your constant demanding for your interests to be served?
I don’t know if these people will understand but there are a lot of real fans who are doing everything they can to fill Araneta Coliseum come February 26, 2011. They exert real effort that some would even take a leave to get this done.
There are people who are doing everything they can to give Super Junior the bests of what they deserve.
So please. If you are disappointed because you wouldn’t get the best seats; or if you are upset because somebody is being catered before you, jump off the bandwagon. NEVER CALL YOURSELF AN ELF.
Because if you do, you’re merely bringing disgrace.

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