Friday, March 4, 2011

A Night of Miracles

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.”
With that in mind, I can now say that I have become the miracle that I want to be and I have witnessed thousand other miracles unfold before me.
Indeed, nine months of waiting is definitely worth it.
When I decided to fully involve myself with all the rigid preparations for SS3, I was clueless on what is waiting for me. All I knew, and ever cared for, back then was I will do this to get over the regret I felt during SS2 and give Jungsoo the best experience he deserves before he go to the army. It never occurred even in my slightest imagination that I’ll have a bigger motivation to indulge – seriously – myself on this fandom.
Truth is, it is the desire to see all my fellow ELF be united before Super Junior which convinced me to go all out on this. It is the very reason why I compiled the questions, fan projects and fan chants. To me, nothing could make Super Junior happier than seeing thousand of fans, being as one – loving and cheering for them on that short three-hour encounter and beyond.
You see, my dream is that high. And as seen on the concert, it came true.
But I’m not taking the credits. There are lots of other people who deserves the gratitude and praises – people who showed me that it is love which emits all miracles in the world:
To PULP Live Productions, Ms. Rizza and Ms. Happee, your patience is beyond what people could ever imagined. It is so easy to call it quits but you guys pulled it off and stayed strong. I know it wasn’t easy. But your love for your craft got you through everything. Congratulations!
To SUJU MAD, the people responsible for the miraculous unity that Saturday, thank you for entrusting me all the plans. I know I get annoying at times, asking you about project details and stuff, but thank you. Special mention goes to Ate Yan, Ate Jowella, Desiree, Kars and Clarisse. You guys made me enjoy every bit of this activity. Also to Ate Andhie, Ate Mitzi and Ate Ems, though we weren’t technically part of SJMAD, thanks for being with me.
To Lei and Chena of TeukAngelsPH, you guys were surely of great help to the success of Leeteuk’s project. You weren’t there but we still have a lifetime to share anyway. We’ll meet in Seoul, Lei. Chena, let’s go meet soon. ^^~
To TeukVN, Teuk Baidu Bar and Spotlight, these elite fan bases for Jungsoo are our breathing ground. Thank you for the motivation you gave Ate Yan and for entrusting Jungsoo’s joy on her. :) I wish I could meet each one of you :)
To Lee, Jo, Danica, Pia and Mai, ELP will be forever. You know I love you, guys, so fxxing much. :) May pauso na naman asawa mo, Mai. :)
To XCREW, the wait would be difficult if you did not exist. You guys are my outlets. But other than that, you have become my miracles as well. I couldn’t write stuffs about you anymore but hell to anyone who would say I love you less. Thank you for being my SJ’s cover group. Kuya Jerry, get over it na. hehe. :)
To Uti and Astrud of TwELFs, YOU GUYS ROCK. I miss you already!!! We are new acquaintances but it feels like I have known you for forever. Guys, seriously, thank you very much. Thank you!!!
To all the ELF, local and international, who came to SS3 Manila, it is all of you which truly made the concert a success. Thank you for proving the whole world that Philippine ELF can make it. And also, for proving me that I’m still sane. Otherwise, there’ll be millions of crazy people around the world called ‘fan girls’.
And of course, to my personal miracles, my only loves, Super Junior…Nine months of waiting is nothing compared to the fun and contentment you have showed us all that night. Knowing that you guys enjoyed Manila, it eases everything away. It was a memory to keep, right? Thank you very much for spending it with us. I love you, and I’ll never get tired.
To God who made this possible, You know that we owe this to You. Now that it’s over, we humbly ask You to please continue blessing us and the boys. Please give us more time to be together, and a chance to prove again how much we love each other. Thank You, Lord. Thank You.
You see, it is my love and the love of all the people I have mentioned and failed to mentioned which comprised the success of SS3 Manila. If it wasn’t for it, there’ll be no miracles that night. We wouldn’t be this joyful, we wouldn’t be this proud.
Now that Super Show 4 is finally announced in South Korea, I can’t help but anticipate that Manila’s gonna be one of the stops again. Though there is no assurance from PULP yet, I really pray that another miracle will happen and I’ll get to see the boys again.
But for now, congratulations Philippine ELF! It is a job well done!

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