Monday, March 21, 2011

I Don’t Want to Think It’s Over.

언제든지 문은열려있습니다 언제나 자리를비워놓았습니다 사실만을 말했으면좋겠습니다 우리는 손을놓은적이없습니다 더이상거짓아픔은싫습니다 우리는 수퍼주니어 어에요!!그래도 그대가 행복하길 바라겠습니다.”
The door will be open anytime The position will always be kept free I wish only the truth would be said. Our hands never let go. I don’t want false pain any more We are Super Junior!!Anyway I hope you are happy.
- @special1004
credits: @pastakyu – SJWorld.Net
I don’t want to believe it’s over. I will never believe it’s over.
First of all, it’s not Newsen’s stupidity of which I am very concerned of. It is the fact that Jungsoo reacted on the news. It is the fact that I believed that Jungsoo got hurt.
I cried over it. As I’ve said in my tweet, I don’t care anymore as to who is wrong here. To that person, I’ll forever raise my middle finger.
For quite a while, I settled for it and made myself believe that the whole tweet is ironic, especially because I did my own translations. To me, it sounds more like ‘You are always welcome but we’re not waiting for you anymore.’ That last sentence contradicted the rest of the tweet for me.
But thanks to Gaia of SJ-World, I was awaken from this nightmare:
I have been beyond confused by this tweet, because with him saying “그래도 그대-” at the end, in which 그래도 stands for “still / anyway / nevertheless” and 그대 stands for “you”, I initially took everything else he wrote as an accusation towards Geng. But the beginning of the tweet makes them sound united and without grudges, as if he knew that the Korean media had pumped up this story and lied about their relationship. So I’m still confused as to whether Leeteuk managed to get an actual translation of the Chinese article or not :| In the end, the problem still lies in the fact that the Korean articles either mistranslated Geng’s words, or purposefully made this up. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Now, I opt to settle for the better translation and I will not withdraw my faith on their brotherhood.
I promised to believe, and I’m keeping it.

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