Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yours is the Beauty I’ll Never Get Tired Of.

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Park Jungsoo.
Why can’t I get enough of you? Everything you do, everything you are – it’s blinding me. It keeps me from seeing other things but you. You make me focus. You make me forget everything else. You make sure that it’s only you… it only has to be you.

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It doesn’t seem fair. But it’s not unfair either. Yours is the beauty I’ll never get tired of, after all. Yours is the beauty I’ll forever cherish and remember as I close my eyes at night.
You exude tranquility which is comparable to the feeling of sitting on pure white sand, staring at the vast expanse of the deep ocean as the sun hides behind the farthest horizon. You are like the soft breeze of air which kisses me each time the air breathes. You are the silver lining on the clouds in my world, the vivid color of this world’ environment…
My paradise. My sanctuary. My haven…

credits to parkjungsu.com


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