Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Just Have to Say This

First and foremost, this is just my observation. I do not intend to hurt anyone nor embarrass my fellow ELF. For once, I just want to step out of my shoes and wear somebody else’s. Because we coexist and though I always say that I don’t care about how others will feel just as long as I get to do what I want, I still do.
I don’t know with the other countries but I’m seriously getting fed up with some ELF here in the Philippines. Annoyed would be a better and more understandable term, I suppose. Uh, it’s not something personal but it’s just that they’re being way too full of themselves – to the extent that they’re becoming foolish already.
You see, ELF is not the only fandom in this world. There are million others who don’t even know who Super Junior is. There are millions who don’t even care about the group’s existence. There are millions of us. But you see, we don’t own the world for liking Super Junior.
My point here is: we have to be a little sensitive. Our lives may be run by our love for Super Junior and they might mean the world to us. But do we really need to assume and compete with other fandoms just to prove it? I mean, Super Junior is Super Junior. And they are number one because we believe that they are number one. We put them on the top spot. We look up to them as they stand there above us all. They’re in a pedestal. They’re our heroes, our princes, our angels…
And surprise, the same thing goes with others.
Truth is: I think this is the reason why fan wars and accusations of eliteness are rampant. So if fans of other groups wouldn’t realize, I hope that somehow, ELFs will do – especially those in the Philippines.
Simple: DON’T EXAGGERATEDLY RELATE EVERYTHING YOU SEE WITH SUPER JUNIOR. And I emphasize on the bolded adjective. You know, I’m living this fantasy as my real life too and I’m not coming clean. But somehow, I understand that ‘too much’ is bad for everyone.
Let’s not be exaggerated. Let’s not put the name of this fandom to shame.

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