Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Please Be Fine.

Why are you such an angel, Cho Kyuhyun? You got into an accident when you collided with a truck on your way to your rehearsals. You got bruises and wounds. Yet you tweeted ‘I’m Sorry.’ because you won’t make it like how you promised. Why exactly are you like this?
Geez. My hands trembled when I learned that just this morning, Kyuhyun got into an accident again. I panicked even more when I learned that his car collided with a truck. It’s not really something to be taken lightly and coolly upon knowing. Considering that Kyuhyun had been in a serious accident before and I could have lost the chance to know him this well.
You see, I would rather hear news about Super Shows coming to an end this year than getting nervous and worried because a member got into something terrifying again.
My coherence got affected. I know I’ll never be fine and my heart will never be at ease unless I see a picture proving that Cho Kyuhyun is fine.
Kyuhyun-ah! I don’t need to see pictures of you performing for that musical (though I know that it breaks your heart to be not there.) Just please… Just please be fine.

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