Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Example

There is too much in this picture.
I know he’s tired. The day this picture was taken, he (with Heechul and Yesung) were said to shoot a new TV program and afterwards, they went to their respective radio programs. It was tiring. I don’t know if there are any schedules he had to attend to in between filming, but yeah, he was tired.
This may look funny. He tried to be funny. But instead of laughing, I feel proud.
You see, I don’t think this is scripted. I think one person really took a shot of Jungsoo sleeping in the couch. There’s his cellphone and there’s this picture too:
Now you realize what I’m trying to say?
I did the best choice of loving this man.
Jungsoo is no ordinary person. He’s a superstar. He’s world-renowned. He’s the leader of a world-famous Korean boy band.
But look at him – he’s sleeping in the lounge, without a pillow, with his mouth open.
Truly, Jungsoo does not just inspire us all with how he handle everything as a leader. He sets a good example in keeping his two feet firmly on the ground. He stays humble. He stays ordinary.
I wish we all see the lesson in these pictures. I wish we get to understand how important it is to stay low in spite of all the popularity we gain.
I know we’ve all seen glorious pictures of Park Jungsoo – smiling, half-naked, or serious. But to me, these are the best ones.
No pretensions, no scripts, just plain truth.

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