Monday, May 2, 2011

Are You an ELF?

Ate Yan was here a while ago. We were spazzing over Heechul’s wit on the past Dangyunhaji games when she told me about this video. I have read this before but I never thought that it’ll affect me more than how it did, when read and seen in video.
And as the video ends, Ate Yan and I agreed upon the thought that if there is something which should be mandatory for all self-declaring ELF to know, it is this message.

I don’t know about the perceptions and perspectives of Korean ELF but to me, the label ‘Everlasting Friend’ is more than just admiring Super Junior. Being an ELF isn’t justified by standing by obvious reasons: looks and music prowess. Truth is, it’s beyond the idea of being just a fan. To me, being an Everlasting Friend is much, much more than that.
Like how it is in the message, when you call yourself an ELF, you should accept the responsibilities and the devotion that should go with it. You see, it is our primary responsibility to protect Super Junior. For us – fan girls – their happiness should be the top-most priority. (Well, of course, this applies to our fandom lives only.)
Sure thing, liking their music and looks is like the most basic step in being a fan, and eventually, being an ELF. But we have to understand that to be an authentic Everlasting Friend, we have to see Super Junior in a way that ordinary fans cannot do.
An ELF allows Super Junior to be part of their lives. An ELF finds inspirations to go through their daily existence from Super Junior. An ELF gives herself a chance to be molded positively by the examples and inspirations set and given by the boys. An ELF permits her life to be changed by these boys. An ELF believes in miracles. An ELF never lose hope. 
And just the same, a real ELF isn’t boastful nor prideful. She isn’t taking everything on her side. Instead, she renders her support and help to her fellow fans. A real ELF does not go out finding the negative things about other groups and compare it with her boys. A real ELF doesn’t take pleasure on the despair of others.
Because a real ELF understands. 
Some may think that this is exaggerating. But you know what? The primary purpose of the birth of the fan club is to protect Super Junior. Literally and figuratively, it is the truth. Believe it or not, the name ELF is not just used for fun nor for popularity. It’s not for people who just want popularity or those who just want to ride the bandwagon.
There should be a bigger reason to call ourselves the Everlasting Friends of Super Junior. 
And yes, this is serious business.

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