Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fuck With Popularity.

I am getting annoyed, like seriously. I don’t know what came to me but I just want to discuss something, which I think all Tumblr citizens must realize and understand.
What the fuck is wrong with being Tumblr-famous and why are you hating on people that have lots of followers?
Geez. I shouldn’t be talking about this because I’m not being bashed nor am I Tumblr-famous. (I have followers not even close to 100!) It’s just that I’m getting annoyed with what’s happening with Claud.
Okay. She’s amphaetaemin on Tumblr and lately – no – for a while, I’ve been seeing her reply to a lot of gray blobs we refer to as ‘anons’ whose messages are full of bashings and hate. They’re accusing Claud of being selfish, rude, boastful and stuffs like that. And I was just like… ‘What the fuck is wrong with these people?’
First and foremost, I have just known Claud through Tumblr. So I know the feeling of seeing her post her edits and personal thoughts. Everytime I go online, she’s on my dashboard. But never – and I mean, never – did I ever thought of her as boasting and being selfish. You see, I’m sensitive with things like that. I am usually a fault-finder and I easily get annoyed with people. But with Claud, I didn’t find anything to dislike.
I personally met Claud on a KPOP event, I really think she’s nice. And then during SJ Fiesta, when she suddenly hugged me and whispered that she saw Donghae at the airport, I was like… ‘How sweet can this child be?’
So basically, I cannot understand why Claud has to receive such harsh treatments from people who can’t even show their faces. Why must she be called names when she’s just a simple teenager who is merely enjoying her life as a fan of Super Junior? Why must she be emotionally abused by beasts hiding behind anonymity?
This goes not just for Claud, but for all the people who are being treated the same way. I have been missing a few people already who quit Tumblr because of bashing. It’s one of the most absurd things happening. And those who are doing  it are worthless, really.
I went to Tumblr because I thought its citizens are one. When I first came, it was pure of love. But now, it has been infested by ruthless and coward individuals who are acting cool by bashing people. Geez. Grow up. If you want to say something, show your face. Show your page. Don’t hide behind the graciousness of being anonymous, because it makes you more pitiful.
Everyone, Tumblr was once a good place. It was supposed to be a happy community. But if hate – due to envy, insecurity and selfishness – will prevail, I guess there’s really no safe place on the Internet anymore.

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