Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Smiles and Laughter

As I was trying to clean my laptop and get rid of useless documents, I came across this .pdf file and all of a sudden, everything came back to me.
It was the SS3 Manila Fanchant Compilation. The one I compiled as a contribution to the activities and projects dedicated to Super Junior during Super Show 3 Manila. I felt nostalgic all of a sudden. Well, I guess that can’t be helped. After all, it’s one of the most useful – as I’ve seen it – things I’ve done for them.
As I look back on the past, I realized that somehow, I managed to do something. Somehow, I got to compensate for what I failed to do when they first went here for SS2. And I think I did a good job this time.
I remember the pressure that compilation gave me. Truth is I had to quit my job to fully concentrate on that. HAHA! I know it’s absurd but I managed to give back to myself anyway. I am currently employed and I think it’s the best work. So somehow, we can say that this compilation was of help to me.
Before I go random, I just want to thank again those who made use of the SS3 Manila Compilation. It’s not too much of a project but I am really, really overjoyed when I saw many of you guys holding it, reviewing it and sharing it to your friends. You see, it’s the only thing that can prove me that I succeeded. And I have all of you to thank.
As we all know, SS3 Manila was a huge success. It was a great experience for all of us and for Super Junior as well. Up to now, I can’t still get over the fact that the fanchants became useless because we actually sang the songs. It was downright hilarious but you see, it’s what made us all proud. And I hope, I really do hope, that somehow, behind the sing-along experience, my compilation did something.
What the fuck is happening with me? I’m laughing on my own reminiscing that night. And just now I realize, I should have brought a copy of the compilation had I known that I will be stalking the boys at the hotel and I’ll be seeing Heechul and Henry up-close. HAHAHA!
Oh, don’t mind me. This happens when I remember something great and Super Junior’s ANGEL is playing on the background.

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