Friday, December 18, 2009

Spell SEXY? S-U-P-E-R-J-U-N-I-O-R-M.

Credits: As tagged (gwalai13)
Reupload by Blue`

If you’re up to some technical and literal english education, then this isn’t the site for you. Because in this blog, I will provide you with different kinds of learning – things you don’t notice you know.And in this post, you get to understand that the wordsSEXYHOT and SIZZLING are synonymous to one noun – SUPER JUNIOR M.
Go back to the pictures above then tell me if I’m lying. (Basically, this blog is the only place where I tell the truth. I don’t usually do that at home. ^^)
Donghae’s an epitome of the god of sexiness if there is. The others aren’t left behind. They get close to Fishy. And I’m liking it. *drools*
So for those who don’t understand where these pictures came from, these are all from the Version B of Super Girl. And it’s an OMG for me. Because on the first version of the album, they seemed so executive. They seemed so reserved. They seemed so… PLAIN. (Compared to these, they are indeed ordinary there!)
This makes me want to really see them all, hug them tight, and make them mine. (Curse those who don’t agree.) They really went all out for this photoshoot that they didn’t mind if they’re gonna end up killing their fans due either heart attack or asthma.
When I saw Donghae’s smile on his page, I forgot to breathe for a second. It doesn’t matter at all, but I noticed it. And it made my heart beat faster again. Had the others appealed to me like how Donghae did, I might have suffered from palpitation tonight. ^^
Good thing I’m quite choosy these days. :)

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