Monday, December 14, 2009

Cyworld: Leeteuk 2009.12.13

2009.12.13 21:42 Asia…to the world…the more (we) will reach..
…Because there isnt enough time so I cant say thank you properly (I) will save it for later^^..
Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
Thanks teuktak for the shout out
Translated by
I’ve always been dreaming. I’ve always been hoping. And as I get myself drowned in envy (as I am browsing for pictures on Super Show 2 in Nanjing), I am convinced that seeing Teukkie in person is never impossible.
For the reason came from the leader himself.


I’m not sure where and when but I believe that there are 9 more Super Show stops. Whew. 9 more countries to be blessed. 9 more countries to be endowed by the luck of being visited by this gorgeous individuals. 9 more countries to experience the magic only Super Junior can give. 9 more countries to be classified as lucky. 9 more countries… 9 more countries.
And I wish Philippines is among those nine spots.
Considering that their album just turned gold and their music videos continuously making waves in the Filipino hit charts, I have the strong feeling that I’ll be seeing them soon. I have this feeling that Super Junior will be coming to the Philippines soon.
They know of the Philippines. They’ve mentioned us on Miracle 6. DBSK, SHINee & F.T. Island have been here so they might have been told stories about the country, and the fans, already. Arirang channel is existing.
There’s no way they cannot consider the Philippines as a stop…
Uh, well, I just hope the Philippine politics and social conflicts wouldn’t affect.

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