Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reinvention Equals Best

credits: Ki4un @ youtube

I was browsing Youtube for some Super Junior videos when I remembered that I haven’t watched SUPER JUNIOR Premium Live in Japan yet. So I did, and once again, I was astounded, astonished, surprised, impressed, etc. with their performance.
I have already written about Angela and Shining Star. Those were the first two videos that I got to watch from this concert. I was intentionally setting their Sorry, Sorry performance aside thinking that it was just the usual one. Obviously, I was wrong.
This Sorry, Sorry Remix is really one hell of an experience for them, and for us. Finally, we got to see something different – something much more extreme, something much more beautiful. Indeed, reinvention equals best. Because at the moment, I consider this as the BEST SORRY, SORRY PERFORMANCE EVER.
I wish to see them perform it when they come to Philippines. I expect the unexpected. Because after all, this is Super Junior that we’re talking about, and they… are the best group ever.

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