Friday, March 23, 2012

We're Sticking With You Forever

Thanks for all ur concern everyone. Jus like to say…no one knew that the incident a few years ago would happen…not even my label… It is nobody's fault. I totally understand the hearts of ALL the fans and what you thought then..or now. However, I'm very thankful for everything that has happened till now. It has taught me not to simply take everything I have right now for granted. There are those who rise up so quickly they forget and simply take in all this love/support/fame they're getting for granted. I've learned to appreciate each and everyone out there who supports me in any way…every applause/every scream. I've learned to 'earn' it instead of having it handed to me. That's why I can't jus walk passed a fan like its nuthin...nuh uh 
During these years after my debut, it is true I haven't been promoting much. Many might think its a bad thing but to me…it is actually the best thing for me. I have used this time to learn new instruments, languages, music production, vid editing, etc, and even had the time to attend the school of my dreams. A lot of artists out there especially in the kpop scene are so busy promoting that they cannot have time to do anything. I'm so thankful that I have this 'extra' time because I honestly don't consider myself good at anything yet. This time has given me a chance to improve and prepare myself for the day when I will need it all. My dream is not to simply appear on tv and promote and be 'famous' but I want to become somebody who all of you can truly look up to and respect as an artist in all areas. SM has given me the opportunity to do all this, and for that I am forever thankful. I'd like to thank you all for your concern and I promise I will continue to work harder and harder. You Strings are awesome. Just stay with me a little longer. :) :) 

You know what I'm thinking? I think that at this very moment, there is no one who can equate to the maturity of this man called Henry. 

I am not really in the mood to figure out what the article (to which this is Henry's reply) coz I am sick. But I couldn't help but linger on the thought that this kid had indeed made me prouder not just of him, but of myself, as well.

It is not a secret that Henry went through a lot. Along with Zhoumi, it was a rough ride for them due to some people who cannot accept their existence. But look who managed to handle it well! He had long proven to us all how awesome he is as a person, but I really don't know how he gets to unconsciously uplift himself more and set greater inspirations for us to live with. Indeed, I am so proud.

And as I've said, his tweet had also made me proud of myself. Come to think of it, since I indulged myself in this fandom, I have professed that I will be protecting this man with everything that I have. I promised myself that whatever happens, I will stick with this kid and support him with everything he wants to do. In my own way, I will shower him with all the love that this world knows he deserves.

Henry, you are a ninja and you are an artist; but more than that, you are a good person...
And we're not staying a little longer... WE ARE STICKING WITH YOU, FOREVER.

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  1. " My dream is not to simply appear on tv and promote and be 'famous' but I want to become somebody who all of you can truly look up to and respect as an artist in all areas."

    - you just made your dream come true Henry. you just did. :)


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