Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just Have to Blurt it All Out.

Why do I have this feeling that the new MV is another recycle? I mean, you know, we may see them in this colorful and funky concept which is definitely far, far away from the usual monochromatic styles SJ showed in the past 4 albums… But why do I have this creepy and eerie feeling that we’ll end up getting the same thing for the MV?
I would not have dared think about this if it wasn’t for Kim Jaewon’s tweets.
Doesn’t the set look familiar? Sorry, Sorry… Bonamana… And this new MV. Somehow, I feel like it’s all filmed in this kind of concept, if not the same set.
Oh of course, I am not complaining. Though I look like I am, no annoyance will beat the fact that my boys are coming back and they are loving this. But can people really blame me if I hoped for something better than this? They’re not a newcomer nor a forgotten one. I don’t care if they are not as hot as they used to in their own country; but I hope people responsible for the concept will actually take into consideration what kind of attention the Korean Music is experiencing now because of them.
This is a rant yes, but I’m still generous enough to give the company benefits of the doubt. I insist on myself that maybe, the boys would want to stick with the manly and sexy concept. Maybe, they really like the ‘new’ idea. But then, I can’t seem to convince myself with all these. Probably because I am looking for something REALLY better from the company for the members.
Well, these kinds of disappointments and criticizing comes hand in hand with teasing. I have this impression, and I am praying hard that I will be proven wrong. For once, I would really want to eat my words.
I am doing my part of consolation. I have chosen to rely on the truth that the boys say they are enjoying this new concept.
Seriously, I AM GLAD THEY’RE COMING BACK. I am excited as fuck, same as this whole fandom. I don’t know if I am speaking in behalf of others but personally (though my count wouldn’t really matter), I will support the boys whether the concept is recycled or not. But please, at least show some effort that Super Junior is receiving the kind of treatment that they deserve. After all, they are not trash to be recycled every fucking time. I am not claiming all the glory for the boys but I think they deserve fresh concepts from SM like how they give to SHINee, f(x) and SNSD.

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