Friday, July 22, 2011

Unexpected Transformation


Despite the freaking scary outfit, I have to say that Teuk is rocking this eccentric style like a boss.
I thought it was really Heechul because of one fan art I saw but when I saw this on a Korean blog, I was at lost. Truth be told, this is the kind of transformation that I have long been waiting for. 
(or maybe I have just grown tired of seeing the same old hairstyle Jungsoo sports every now and then.)
I spazzed. But I should admit that I am at lost for words. I never expected this kind of transformation though I’m waiting for this. (I KNOW! I KNOW! IT’S FREAKING IRONIC!). I guess I just didn’t expect that Teuk’s teaser will be released this early.
Jungsoo, you really know how to surprise me.
I wonder how they get to wear that kind of hideous outfit… though I am not complaining with the boxers and fishnet. haha.

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