Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well then, I’m not a fan. >:)

I came across this Facebook note detailing ‘how to be a real fan’ and based on their definitions, I am not one. LOL. So basically, everything you’re reading and everything you’ve read and everything I’ve done for this fandom are mere illusions. All stories are invented, because I am not a fan. :)
Wow. That’s rude.
But it gave me a good laugh.
Guys, why is it so important to be called a ‘true blooded KPOP fan’? Me, I don’t give a damn. People may accuse me of whatever but I just pity those people whose beliefs are manipulated and dictated.
Honestly, I do not see the need of giving a ‘fan’ a meaning. I have been in this world for years already as well and I think it is just not right that all of a sudden, something pops up revolutionizing EVERYTHING in the wrong way.
Okay. I don’t have a good counter attack. The words ‘true blooded KPOP fan’ are too broad to be condensed on one definition; and it’s scope is too wide to be measured. But one thing is for sure: Being a true fan needs no proof.
For me, you don’t have to buy all merchandises, stay up all night for updates, learn the Korean language, eat Korean foodworship your idols, and - for all the fuck’s sake – FORGET YOUR OWN RACE just to be called a fan. Loving your idols with all your heart is enough and as you know, love is immeasurable. So all ‘requirements’ stated above are optional.
Guys, believing that you are a fan is enough.
Because the last time I checked, fangirling is never synonymous to forgetting everything else. Fangirling isn’t that rude and selfish. It is a life, it is a world; but never should it interfere with living. I know I sound ironic here but as how I understand it, that note can be summarized into: Forget your work. Forget your race. Forget everything else and just fangirl. How’s that?
Indeed, it was absurd. It draws a line between the old fans and the new ones. Like it actually said that only the rich and intelligent ones can fangirl. It’s racist to me. lol. It fuels division which is definitely unacceptable… And sorry, that’s just downright immature. >_>

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