Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fearing Love

Just a while ago, my friend broke up with her girlfriend because of some misunderstandings. It was like the fifth time already and somehow, it is the worst case between them. I don’t want to detail everything but one thing is for sure. I got affected.
Why is it that everytime I try to open my heart to love, instances like this come up. It’s like it’s always proving me otherwise when I am ready to believe. I do not want to think that what happened to them will apply to me as well but I can’t help but realize that there is a possibility.
The fear is haunting me. Different what ifs are clouding my mind and I can’t help but see the negative sides of it all. Because the truth is, I can’t see anything good about it.
Somehow, I wish that there’ll be real things to prove to me that love really can exist. I’m too fed up with the surreal dramas and movies I see. I wish I get to see what love is actually, or better yet, I wish I could pay attention to it.

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