Monday, August 1, 2011

Feels Like I’m Back to Step One.

It was really some sort of magic that lead me to meeting these few precious people. And it has been a while since we’ve been together like this. It was in February when I last saw them, and yesterday when we were at the SJM Album Launch, I suddenly had this weird feeling that after a while, I think things has changed… a lot.
After almost a year, I’ve been closer to them. Some of them have actually become my friends and it is really great to have them around. Well, it’s no longer because they’re X Crew but because they’re people as normal as me. They’re not idols, and for that I love them so much.
But as they walk to the venue that Saturday afternoon, when the crowd started cheering even though it has been months since they last appeared as XCrew, it felt like everything’s coming back to the way it was. Then when I saw them dance again and the crowd became more hyped, I told Lui and Julia that somehow, I feel like I’m just a stranger again. 
Though we were together for lunch that day, it didn’t affect for during the K-Fest, the feeling remained. I was so close but it really felt like I’m still far. No, it’s not because I crave for attention. They’re giving me too much of it than what I deserve as a fan and as a friend so attention is really not a question here. 
The thing is, seeing them on stage probably reminded me again of that thin, undeniable line that separates my being a fan to being a friend. Yes, it all started with X Crew but I think I love them more for who they really are, and I think I’m now more comfortable when they are not in their white costumes.
So let this post be of a fan’s. Let the spazzing commence!
While and Terminal. Then X Crew. Not to mention the few dance numbers as back-ups for Dasuri Choi. Who wouldn’t get amused with the prowess and energy of these people? It was pure talent. It was awesome and I literally lost my voice over that scorpion dance. I never would have thought that I’d see that this early. Especially when Atchie keeps on telling me that she couldn’t do it.
The scorpion dance… It meant nothing except that it’s a really difficult step; but I hope I can assume on it. I mean, I don’t know if anybody remember but I asked a group member (I think it was Kuya Jerry?) to learn Infinite’s dances because since debut, I’ve always been fascinated over their choreography. And when Kuya Jerry sent me the link to the Dashi Dorawa video (as a birthday gift! TINIPID AKO! HAHA), I knew a dream is about to be fulfilled.
Yeah, it has always been my wish to see them perform the most difficult dance step I’ve ever seen. And it actually became more special because it was done in front of my very eyes at the backstage. hahaha!
It was great. Definitely, it was. X Crew has really gone a long way and whether as a cover group for SJ or any other KPOP act, I believe they’ll put it out so well. After all, they’re X CREW.  I guess that answers all the questions. ^^

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