Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Star (Song for Heenim)


It must have been hard on you
to leave when all are going to
stay behind for everything,
live life with a new beginning
Two years, you’ll be away.
We tell each other, ‘come what may.’
We act like we are both so strong
Pretending like there’s nothing wrong.
But behind the laughter are the tears
which no one can deny
We take one step and fight the fears
But we keep asking why.
OUr destiny’s too tough
And all we have is love.
But it’s the greatest reason that we have.
We know you’ll carry on.
You have always been so strong.
You showed us things we never knew
And taught us deeds we never do.
But the world you’re going to
couldn’t be as good to you,
if pain prevails, we won’t be far
For you will always be our star
If there’s no one else to run to
When you start feeling down
Remember all that we’ve been through
Believe that we’re still one
Look up above the stars
and we’ll be where you are.
Then close your eyes and take a deep breath and smile.
It has been three years since I last wrote a song and record it. I never really thought then that my very little ability in composing will emerge out in this kind of instance. I am happy to finally go back to what I really love but I can’t fully feel the joy when the reason why I did this is to say goodbye to someone I have loved for years already.
Kim Heechul.
The song is not beautiful, as well as my coarse voice. I know it has similarities with some Nina song – which I can’t identify what (BUT I SWEAR, IT’S PURELY INCIDENTAL!). The recording has flaws. My piano abilities are rusty already and I had some mistakes because I couldn’t use notes.
Nevertheless, I am proud of this one. And if this song manages to make people feel the same way I did when I was writing it, I guess its purpose will be served.
And if this song will reach Heenim before he enlists, I’ll be the happiest person.

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