Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just a Little Thought about ELF

Recently, I’ve been seeing, reading and hearing a lot of things said about ELF. Most are painful accusations saying we’re boastful, troublemakers, selfish and self-centered. Sometimes, I laugh it all off. But most of the time, I just can’t deny the fact that it gets to me and it hurts a lot.
I cannot say that it is not true of course. Even I can prove that some people in this fandom are really clueless about what they are here for. But in spite of the negative impression the world has towards the Everlasting Friends, it is and will always be one of the greatest fandoms in the world… and I will never ever turn my back on it.
The truth is: People just don’t see the good side of ELF. Just because of some things that happened in the past, the whole fandom gets downgraded each fucking time. It sucks, honestly, to realize that the whole fandom is being boxed in on a certain impression which does not apply on everybody.
Most of the time, I feel sorry for the ones put on hot water. Though I cannot say that these people are really innocent, I think it is fine to claim that their actions were just due to too much provocation from different things. You see, when the person you love the most gets hurt and gets criticized by people who actually knows nothing about them, it is hard not to lose patience. It’s hard to not erupt. Because you know that he doesn’t deserve those kinds of reception; and you see, it is more difficult if standing for him – against everyone else – is all you could do to offer protection.
Super Junior has gone through a lot. They were belittled, maliciously accused and misunderstood. ELF are the people who believed in them, because ELF paid attention and clearly saw what they have gone through.
As for the actions of ELF…
Others may call it immaturity but that word is too general to be used on ELF everytime something comes up. It is not always being selfish and self-centered when people become possessive of everything they know they deserve. It is not always troublemaking when people retaliate…
Sometimes, it – I BELIEVE – is dedication and love. 
I may not really live up to the name ‘ELF’ that is why I really can’t distinguish myself as one (and that fact makes this entire blog appear senseless). But as I give ‘being a fan’ no definition, I will still say that this is where I really belong. But this post? This post does not aim to defend the wrongdoings of some ELF. As the old saying goes, there will always be rotten tomatoes in a basket full of fresh ones. It’s just that I want to correct that wrong tags that are stuck on our foreheads, because I think of the new ELF who just want to be part of this fandom. I do not want them to be subjects of prejudice. That is why I wrote this crappy blog entry.
Here’s the truth: This fandom is not perfect. But it stands out on its own right. You know why? Because we love Super Junior and it is the boys which always come first for us.
And you know what? The same thing applies to everyone else – regardless of the fandom. You love your idols that’s why they stand out among everybody. That’s just how it is.
So no one deserves to be hated and no one has the right to generalize.

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