Friday, August 5, 2011

The Last Man Standing…

Teaser 1 has over 2 million views and Teaser 2 has over a million. The MV has reached almost a million and a half views in LESS THAN A DAY. The album got sold out in most music stores at its first and second days of release. Almost a thousand ELFs camped outside KBS in hope that they will be able to watch the first comeback stage (though sadly, news reported that only 50 people were allowed to enter.)
I am rewatching the videos now as I write this. It gave me the same goosebumps I felt a little while ago. You know what I feel? I feel like they are still on the top of this game – still on the lead on everything; that whatever lies in the future, there is no one to replace these boys. No matter how many new groups debut and even if it is true that they are no longer doing well in the local entertainment market, the truth still remains that Super Junior has reached the peak and in everything they do, they are pushing the limit of success, continuously exceeding expectations, and making irreplaceable history.
I know this article is biased. But even if I weren’t an ELF, or a KPOP fan in general, I know I would have said the same things.
So I think the line ‘The Last Man Standing’ in Superman is really the most appropriate, applicable and accurate description of these boys who never stopped in reaching the horizon. When they shouted the line, I was just like… ‘Yes, they’re the last man standing.’ And nobody else would follow.
Because the last men standing will stand forever together. And today, the conquering has once again begun.

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