Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Appreciation Post to Kim Heechul

Yo man! You have once again exceeded my expectation, you know!? Though you are still as lazy as you are on some time in the MV and in the performance, I am just so terribly delighted that you are dancing. Your stans may brick me arguing that you are already dancing in the past but bish, this MV’s different because you keep on moving your lazy ass around. 8D
KIM HEECHUL. To you, I give my two thumbs up and I start my more serious post…
I know you’re lazy and you don’t really participate much in the choreography (that is why you hid behind Siwon in most parts. LMAO) but this does not mean that you cannot dance. Because judging it from what I’ve seen, you can, Kim Heechul. YOU FUCKING CAN.
I don’t know how to express it on words when I saw you on that comeback stage. I know you did the same for Bonamana but I just can’t understand why this seems to be different.
Oh must be because it’s the last album before you enter the army..

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