Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Never Fails

I’ve been very annoyed with a lot of things during this whole day and it is just very comforting to realize what awaits me at the end of my shift from work:
Super Junior won for the second time in Mnet Countdown and it’s their third win. ♥
But what really calmed all the nerves down is Jungsoo’s smile. I was watching the whole cut when the winners got declared and I guess it’s safe to say that SJ was on the hook against Sistar and 2ne1. Nonetheless, they won and I can tell that Jungsoo is really happy.
I saw his eyes glisten and the effect rushed through me in an instant. I felt better and all the annoyance I’ve felt during the whole time I was working suddenly fade away. It was magic that only Jungsoo can do, and it is the kind of magic which he had been doing to me since day one.
He never failed.
Honestly, what makes it better is that I do not think that it is the trophy that mattered to him that very moment. I saw his eyes wandered to see the many ELF who are cheering for them in the studio and I think that was what made him really happy. The support and love of ELF to the group is never ceasing. The flame is still ablaze and I know that Jungsoo and the rest of the boys have felt that.
I know that many people are bashing ELF and Super Junior. But you see, we’re the best on the eyes of each other and no hurtful remarks or malicious accusations can topple us all down. :)
We’re strong because we’re together. And it will remain that way until forever. :)

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