Thursday, August 11, 2011


When I first heard about the issue hat an appeal has been filed to ban the song Mr. Simple due to mature content, I would be a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I first thoght of B2uties. I don’t know why (and I know it was rude) but it turned out that I was right.
I read the complaint and I almose flared up, wanting to endlessly throw curss on this new fandom. My first thoughts were ‘they haven’t proven anything yet – if that is how they measure greatness – to do this to a senior group. The appeal was immature – saying that if their song got banned, ours should get banned too; and I was really mad.
But I think it is heaven’s decision that my boss gave me lots of tasks to do yesterday that I was distracted from the anger and earned time to calmed myself down. Then when I opened tumblr, I knew that it was great that I didn’t react violently.
Because I read one compiled translation of the many comments which were posted following the complaint. Those were comments of other B2UTIES who disapprove of the immature action.
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For a while, I felt guilty for thinking bad about them. I feel guilty that I have thought of jumping into severing conclusions. But more than those regrets, I felt grateful. Because for the first time in my life in this fandom, I have seen people – lots of them – outside the Sapphire Blue World, protecting and standing for us.
It jus feels great realizing that there is still hope for this industry when it comes to fans. 
There really is no need to wage war against each other. In fact, ELF and B2UTIES should all work well together since Heechul and Junhyung are great friends. So I am really happy that there are still many people who take that good relationship into consideration.
I commend those B2UTIES who braved all possibilities and stood up – even not for ELFs but for the principle and reputation that they are trying to build. But of course, I want to recognize the efforts of many ELF – especially the Korean ELFs – for staying calm and quiet towards this matter. :)
I hope that this issue will be put to rest. And I hope that Mr. Simple won’t get banned as well. ^o^
DISCLAIMER: I am not coming clean. I know that I hae nor ights to lecture other fans – especially those from other fandoms because I do not know everything.
But I guess I am just starting to mature, and I think everyone is…

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