Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Humble Message to all SJ Haters…

To all anti-SJ,
How are you all doing? I am sure all of you are damn annoyed now that Super Junior has come back. I know that most of you are now trying to find faults on everything that our boys are doing now. To set it straight, I have nothing to do with it and I am not here to capitalize the initial success that Super Junior is experiencing right now.
I am here to ask you all one thing. I know it’s very stupid of me to write this way and create an appeal which I know nobody would even give a damn about. I am not a special fan nor a clean person. But personally, I am pleading – with all humility – to please, just give us this one.
Please, even just this once, refrain yourselves from doing anything that would hurt our boys. All those hurtful words, the false accusations, the nonsensical remarks – please stop it even just during the 5jib promotions. I do not know how I can really convince you to do so but on bended knees, I ask you this. The boys might not show it but as an ELF, I know that they take things personally too. Every negative reports and comments about them might just be wounding them deep.
You see, it’s Super Junior’s fifth album. And though it hurts so much to admit, this might be their last. Signs have been given before the release and if you just give yourselves a chance to listen to the songs and understand its meanings, you will all understand what I’m talking about. There is this huge probability that there is nothing to look forward to for us after this, so haters, please.. even for once, close your eyes and hear nothing that might trigger you to hurting them.
I know that I unconsciously speak in behalf of other ELF so if there really are people who think the same way as me, I plead you all in behalf of them. We have promised to protect Super Junior until the end and we never know, maybe the end is just in the corner, ready to present itself to all of us.
Random, this is. But please. We’re trying so hard to make these things last. We are trying so hard to give them the best memories before we part ways. I know this is too much to ask. But I will never get tired, please do consider this.
Super Junior might be nothing to all of you but for us, they mean a lot. In my case, they have been my inspiration for the past four years and I think you would agree with me when I say that if you are in my position, I don’t think you would let anybody ruin the ending of a story that has started so beautifully.
Anti-SJ, I’m not asking you all to like SJ. I don’t ask that you give us the awards because we’re striving for it on our own. 
Super Junior has been around for six years already and I think they have just had enough hates to last for a lifetime. 
So please, haters, give us this one. Even just for this 5jib, spare them from your hates. 
Because they don’t deserve it. Please.

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