Saturday, August 27, 2011

내 슈퍼만 \o/

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It is so touching to know that idols have come together in a sports competition to promote camaraderie.
But to me, the most special thing is that my idols are some of those who managed to prove that the goal really was achieved.
Apparently, Sungmin was running with other competitors when he noticed one of them hurt. Instead of finishing the run and just going for the win, he stopped, checked and helped the injured. Jungsoo came to help and the rest followed.
Many might think that Ming and the rest of the group are just being pretentious knowing that there are hundreds of fans and reporters seeing them at that very moment.
But I don’t think that argument is valid because based on how I’ve known these boys – especially Ming – and basing it as how they have been for the past years, they would not use other’s injuries to catch attention and gain popularity.
Based on the pictures, I can’t help but be more thankful that I am in this fandom. Because whatever kinds of accusations and criticisms are thrown to us, nothing can erase the fact that my boys have hearts of gold…
And just like what Danica said, it is difficult to pretend to be nice for six years, if they really aren’t.

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