Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Will Not Wait…

Heenim asked us not to wait, and I won’t.
But I will put my trust on what we have and ready myself for what lies beyond.
This whole army thing, I believe, is just a prelude to everything else that is about to happen. And I think it’s better to just focus on the fact that this story is at its climax already and the denouement will come anytime soon. And then the conclusion, and then another story to start – with us all together once again.
We’re in for a rollercoaster ride. Just like what I’ve said, Heenim has opened the wound that was caused by Kangin’s enlistment last year. He has also opened a bigger portal leading to reality which we – whether we like or not – should accept. And soon, members are going to be what Heenim is right now; and we, as fans, have to go through this kind of painful parting for numerous times.
Seeing a semi-bald Heenim and all the tweets and updates, everything is washing through me and I honestly couldn’t cry anymore. Everything has gone so surreal that I just wish to wake up from this dream.
But the thing is, this is reality. This is the truth.
And all that I’m left with is the fact that my heart hurts so much because I couldn’t let it all out.
I don’t know what I am doing anymore and I know that this is no longer about Kim Heechul’s enlistment. This is already about the fate of Super Junior and ELF.
There is nothing I can hold on to at this very moment that I am trying so hard not to break down.
Except for one thing…
The faith I have in Super Junior and myself.

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