Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Battling Against Hatred

I pity my fandom. 
This is one thing which I think I can never deny now. As the promotions for 5jib starts, I think things had gone worse. I should have expected this. I should have seen this coming. But as I am always hoping for only the good things to come, I fail to convince myself that it is always us who will appear like bastards and bitches to the rest of the world.
Well, I don’t really take everyone into account. I know for a fact that some members of our fandom have gone way overboard with the ‘glory’ brought by the success of the boys. That’s a shame, I admit. But seeing others generalize and ruin the names of the whole community because of the mistakes of a few, isn’t it too wrong already?
I can’t help but write about this when I stumbled upon some issues in the past. Being reminded of the cruel remarks about my fandom probably aggravated the annoyance and pain I’ve been feeling due to the stupid comments about our boys. I just realized that I can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried to be as mature as possible in doing this; dealt with this calmly; and just focus on giving the boys what they deserve.
But for the last time (though I can’t promise that this will really be the last), I just want to give my two cents in about everything…
The first issue: Super Junior being better off without Leeteuk. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. What exactly is Super Junior without Leeteuk? Had anyone ever imagine the group without their leader? Had anyone thought how the other boys could possibly be when there is no Jungsoo to guide, control and love them? Had anyone ever thought about how the boys will feel when they do not have their hyung? Super Junior without Leeteuk is not Super Junior, at all. The same thing goes with the other members. Because as how we all believe, there are 13 people in Super Junior (plus 2 from Super Junior M). Every member is indispensable; because they all have their own unique roles that made the group what it is now.
Second issue: Jungsoo is a spotlight stealer. I have already said my point about this but I think it’s better to repeat it. As how Sai put it, Jungsoo is a singer who doesn’t sing. You know why? Because he’s too busy giving away his lines to others. That’s how caring Jungsoo is as a leader. If spotlight stealing is synonymous to talking too much on TV, radio or interviews, did it ever occur to the minds of the accusers that if there is one thing which Jungsoo is good at, it’s speaking? Even the members acknowledge that. The leader is the best speaker; and if we only pay attention to what he’s saying, nobody can ever complain about it. Because in all interviews, he make sure that all his answers will benefit Super Junior.
Third, Heechul is lazy. This needs no further explanation because yes, Heechul is lazy. But you know what? That is his charm. Because amid being hesitant in singing and dancing, Heechul brings glory to Super Junior by being just himself. Admit it or not, this 4D guy is one of the greatest factors which revolutionizes the KPOP world. His insolence, his wit, his being an AB person – these are all used to prove the people that the music industry in South Korea could be a lot better; as well as its culture.
Fourth and hopefully, the last… ELF are boastful because they keep on saying that SJ is the best. Now this is a complete fuckery. What is the meaning of fandom? When does a person become a fan? I cannot speak for others but I personally believe that as a fan, it is just normal to think so high of our idols. After all, we became fans of Super Junior because we think that they are the best. If we claim that the boys are the greatest KPOP idols, can anybody blame us? If Cassies declare that DBSK are the bests, can we argue on that? If Inspirits insist that it is their boys who are the most awesome, what can we do with that? People, people. We are fans because we believe that our idols are  the best. And with all humility, it is not our fault that we are this big. It is not our fault that our boys get recognized internationally. It is not our fault that the Korean government assigned Super Junior as tourism ambassadors. And lastly, it is not our fault that we love Super Junior this much. 
There are many more other accusations toward ELF and Super Junior. Most are definitely below the belt and downright offensive. I pity this fandom. I pity myself. Because we all have had enough hates, but I can’t see any signs of it stopping. 
So just one message to my co-ELF who will give a damn on this crappy message: If we are considered as one of the most hated fandoms (just because of some isolated mistakes), there is nothing we can actually do but to receive all the harsh remarks. But we are so big to get toppled by these kinds of criticisms. I’ve got a plan. If we can’t stop the hate,  can we just mend all wounds together?
It will be great hardwork. But I think the best thing we could do now is to compensate for the pain the boys might receive. It is inevitable that they will hear and know of the harsh reality; but I suggest that we best it all out with unwavering love and support. As I’ve said, we are a big fandom. We have to make use of it by showing unwavering love and support to the boys. Let us just replace the hates immediately. Let’s fill their hearts with love, and let’s start filling ours as well. Let’s be SJ’s pillar of strength. Okay? ^o^

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