Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s Gonna Be Worth It

I have just finished compiling the fan chants for Super Show 3 Manila. Pure effort, this is. I have to admit that it gave me so much headache as I had to watch videos and fancams repeatedly, just so I can be sure of the chants. For others which are not clear, I had to come up with my own (which I know is very assuming because it’s like dictating Philippine ELF of what to do.)
So to cut the story short, pages are up. What we all just have to do now is to learn it all by heart. Please.
I know it requires you all great effort. Instead of just preparing ourselves for the surprises and just enjoying the show on our own, we have to participate in these fan chants (and fan projects, as well.) But as I have said, this is a responsibility which we receive when we bought that concert ticket. This is a way of letting SJ know that we take part with the concert preparations and we are in that party.
It’s gonna take much of your time studying and memorizing these chants. But I tell you, it’s all worth it.
Because none can ever compare to the feeling of being one with the boys and our fellow ELF. None can really compare with the self-satisfaction these chants give while being a part of the Sapphire Blue Ocean. It completes the experience. It gives off much joy and love.
So please, let’s all participate on this. Let’s all make it memorable and let’s make it all happen. Don’t come to the party unprepared. Give yourself the chance to enjoy more than you know you could. ^^

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