Thursday, October 13, 2011

For SS4 Manila: ALL IN.

This is great risk, if you will all just understand.

Shedding probably hundreds of thousands for something which worth we all know.

I know, PULP meant business. But if they do not, what will that make of us, Philippine ELF? We depend on PULP for SS4. We depend on their ability. We depend on their decision...

so that we may have Super Show 4 Manila.

You know, it's not like we're asking everyone of you to truly spend your fortunes on this.
It's just that this means hard work. I know most fans in the Philippines are students; but still, many are employed.
If we have the money, I guess it'll be okay to spend, right?

This is actually crucial.
Especially with the threat and expenses the soon-unfolding GDA brings. 
But as Philippine ELF, we all know that we should do this TOO.
(Imagine ELFs' sacrifices, haters. IMAGINE.)

I know I sound so self-centered considering the fact that this is Super Junior yet again who we're trying to get to the Philippines but if only you would step into our shoes, you would understand why we're doing everything we can to make it happen again, even for the last time.

We campaign for the success of this SS3 3D to bring them here again. That's a fact. We take all chances. We do all measures. Even uncertain...

Most of the time, we claim that it's because we want to see them. But you know, a part of this is because... 

we want THEM to see US.

And as much as I do not want to sound so nagging and miserable, this is one way of proving SM Entertainment that our boys aren't trashes.. It's not like we're blind. It's not like we cannot see what they're trying to do. 

It is undeniable that SJ is aging, but it doesn't make them any less... 
But their company doesn't see it. 
So it is us who should show them that.

So those in Manila, we've got lots of screenings to visit. Check Ms. Happee's page for it. For those in provinces, you can actually breathe well since there'd be no cancellations even if you wouldn't get it sold out. Nonetheless, bear in mind that if you don't meet the quota, PULP will lose money. And if they don't have money, SS4 will impossible.

That's the formula for the problem we have right now.
Now, it's up to us whether we solve it or we leave it blank.

Also, I want to address those non-SJ fans who keep on spreading that it shouldn't be SJ anymore...

We aren't spoiled. We do not get what we want just because we want it. We exert so much effort you wouldn't even imagine just to be able to find chance and give the organizers reasons to get them again. Yes, there's no assurance that all our efforts will pay off...

But still, we try.

Because it's all we could do for them... not for ourselves... 



  1. Hello angel...

    i also hope for SS4 Manila, coz i have plan to watch it.

    I live in Indonesia, and since there is no hope for SS here, i planned to watch it in Manila or Thailand.
    Look forward for SS4 Manila progress....

  2. @kyunahi kyuna! well yeah, we are still praying hard that we will have ss4 manila but right now, there's a 60% possibility that we won't have it. :( it's kinda sad because i've got lots of indonesian friends who would also want to come to the philippines for the show but things are going very blurry and all we can do is just hope. hahaha. but keep posted. as soon as there's news, i'll relay it in this blog. ^^ Thank you!!! :)


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