Friday, October 7, 2011

REPOST: A Call to All ELF in the World.

It’s not always that one finds the drive to live and believe like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not everyday that one think it’s necessary to be positive. After all, life ain’t easy. But as some gives up, some strives harder – not for their own satisfaction  but for the people who are depending on them for joy.
Jungsoo, Kyuhyun and Heenim. They are all examples of people who, despite their painful past, are doing everything they can to continuously show the fans a good image and to show that they love us so much, they’d be willing to take all the risk to make us happy.
Their physical injuries are not secrets to us. We know what happened. They got involved in car accidents. Heenim’s leg was broken that he had to bed-rest for months, and just so he would still appear good on TV,
he had to bite his tongue until it bleed so as not to be unconscious. Jungsoo was showered with shattered pieces of glass requiring 170+ stitches on his back and face, and the worst of all, Kyuhyun, who had to spend three months at the ICU, with fractured bones and injured lungs, and couldn’t speak for weeks due to trauma.
What transpired on 2006 and 2007 were not pranks. Those were real accidents which almost took the lives of three of our precious boys.
After some years, look at them now. For the 4th album, Jungsoo tried hard to improve his body. Heenim is participating on all promotional activities, and Kyuhyun is with the dancing group now. All of them are working hard, disregarding their physical conditions.
I hope it’s not just me who’s seeing this but Jungsoo, Heenim, Kyuhyun and the rest of the 10 members are doing everything they can to fill the void left by Kangin, Kibum and Hangeng. They’re working hard for us not to think that there’s something missing.
I wish everyone would appreciate all the efforts the boys exert. Please. Let’s stop demanding for what isn’t there, but cherish what we still
have. I know that convincing ourselves that it’s easy is the most difficult thing ever, but we have to think about the boys. We flaunt and say we’re hurting and we want SJ back together, but have we ever thought about how the boys feel on this?
Sometimes, we become too selfish that we focus on our own welfare alone.
We become too insensitive that we fail to protect Super Junior. We forget that when we hurt about these issues, they’re hurting double.
Because it’s them who are real brothers. It’s them who have stuck together for so many years. It’s them who know each other so well. It’s them who are members of Super Junior.
I’m not trying to build a wall between ELF and Super Junior. I’m merely stating my opinions. My point here is that when we cry, they cry harder. But still they work hard to show us the positive side of things. All we have to do is look at it and appreciate.
This is a call. Now is the time when the boys need us the most. Ten left, and so what? They’re still Super Junior and they will forever be, no matter what.
Honestly, I get emotional everytime I see the three perform. I do not want their efforts to go to waste. I do not want to disappoint my boys because they never do that to me. Especially Jungsoo, who I believe shoulders on himself, all the burdens.. because he’s the leader.
So let’s show much love to them. Promote the songs, introduce them to your friends, do trial listening (it’s confirmed to count on registered accounts), buy the albums, and watch their concerts. And mostly, believe in them.
Because these are the only things that we can do to make them feel appreciated. Let’s bring them again to number 1. Because that’s where they should be. Because that is their destiny.


  1. where's sungmin's picture? haha!

    anyway, i agree to this. kahit hindi na ako active sa sj site ko, nananatili pa rin akong ELF!

    pang habang-buhay na ang suju!!!

    Fuck. This is a one-year-old article. nirepost ko lang. PERO WALANG SUNGMIN.


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