Saturday, October 15, 2011

FANDOM: Admiration? Lifestyle.

I thought my decision was final. 3 days before SS3 3D premiere, I have decided not to attend the event anymore - let the opportunity to participate in the kick-off of a spectacular pass me by and just let go of the money I used to buy the ticket. 30 minutes before the registration, I was still at home, busy with work and asking people on Twitter and Facebook if they want to watch it for free.

It was kinda impulsive. I was really depending on my mood. But when the clock stroke 6, I started trembling. Then when I knew it, I was already on my way to Gateway.

That was when I realize that the reason why the nobody got the ticket is because it was really for me.

It was 7:45PM, I was still in Monumento. Screening starts at 8. I was stuck in traffic and was already consoling myself that come what may, at least, I tried. But when the clock ticked 8PM, I got off the bus, braved the night, and took a taxi to the venue.

Miraculously, I got there in time. And as I took my seat, I asked myself...

"What would I not do for Super Junior?"

The night was - as expected - awesome, and it turned more special because of one hug. It was definitely worth it.

Come to think about it. Everything about SJ to me is no longer about who they are. Unconsciously, all these have become about what they are. Yes, this fandom has actually become a lifestyle to me.

Many would find this funny and crazy. But it's because not many understand. I have always been saying how much they changed my life. But I guess, I'll have to talk more about how much willing I am to let them change me more.

If only I could stop time... If only I could.

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