Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Should I React to This?

  1. Super Junior leader. (now on promotion)
  2. Sukira Kiss the Radio DJ
  3. Strong Heart's Teukigayo leader
  4. Star King MC
  5. Hello Baby Father
  6. WGM
These are the things that keep Jungsu busy at the moment; and these are only the ones I know of. Aside from these, he's a brother to Inyoung and the boys. He's also a son to his parents, a friend to his friends. 

How Jungsu gets to juggle all these and make sure he gets to handle the tight schedule, I wouldn't know. Maybe he's Superman, for real.

But obviously, he's not.

That's why according to some fanaccounts, he stumbled off the stage after recording the last stage for Music Core this afternoon, and now he's receiving IV treatments in an emergency room in a hospital in South Korea and the doctors apparently advised him to rest for even just 24hours. 

Now how should I react to this?

I knew beforehand that this is going to happen. And not that I'm right... but it's just that I tried to believe that this will not occur. But it did. Now I'm freaking worried.

I am overreacting. I know Jungsu wouldn't want to worry us all. I know I am just a fan and my worries will do nothing to lessen the burden Jungsu's feeling right now. 

But tell me, how can I appease myself when I know that even after Jungsu gets discharged from the hospital, he will still choose to continue everything? 


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