Saturday, October 15, 2011

The SS3 3D Experience

After attending two screenings... no, it is still not enough for me to get over the hype of seeing Super Junior on the big screen, in 3D. Seeing them twice just wouldn't satisfy me from wanting to see them again. I don't care if it's just the same thing all over again; because the truth is: there will always be something to surprise me in there. 

You see, there are ten boys running around the stage. When I look at one member, I don't see the others. So I notice the crazy/lovely/sweet/heartwarming things that the member I have my eyes on does and I don't see what the others do. This is the reason why I think I'll never really get tired of seeing the same film over and over again. I am presented with new things to see. Unless I get to watch SS3 3D ten times, then perhaps, I could be satisfied.

I'm telling the truth. It's not just because I want to increase the sales so that I may be assured of a Super Show 4 in Manila. I mean this review. If only I have Php10,000 to shed, I would readily allot it for more screenings.

Maybe, people are saying that I have gone insane. While I was standing at the cinema lobby while waiting for my friend to bring me my ticket, I have actually heard some hurtful comments from random people toward the kind of reception this SS3 3D is receiving. Of course, I got affected. But you know what, everything they said  just lost sense to me when the show started.

Because SS3 3D reminded me that I know my purpose. I know why I'm here. And I know that I can do what I want to do because there is something that has to be done for the boys who do everything they can for all of us.

Sorry but I wouldn't really spill whatever that's in there; although it is an open secret that it is SS3 Seoul. You all should have to watch it for yourselves. I tell you, even though it's like one and a half hour only, it's definitely one exciting feat. Everything that you're gonna see there are definitely spazz-worthy, and you will be given more reasons to fully immerse yourselves on this very, very beautiful fandom.

SS3 3D is one of the best things that happened in my life. Seriously. If not for it, I wouldn't have known how it feels to see them from a perspective of a 'member'. I know it's an exaggeration and it's so metaphorical. But on SS3 3D, I felt like I was sitting right there at the stage and seeing them just walking around and passing me by. I felt like a part of the real party. It felt so close... to perfect.

I am not flaunting here. But i think more SS3 3D experiences is necessary for me to get over it. And I hope and I pray that you are all feeling the same..

Sungmin's zipper, pray for me.
Siwon's abs, guide me.
Heechul's stares, show me the light.
Jungsu's fangirl, I worship you.

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