Monday, October 31, 2011

Even They Know... :)

I was watching Running Man Episode 61. They were in China and were divided into three groups. I wouldn't mention every bit about it because one thing that I just noticed there was that Super Junior's popularity was actually implied there. haha!

So they completed a task and were on their way to a new destination through a tram when Yoo Jaesuk, Gary Kang and Lee Yeonhee noticed that there were still fans who are running to catch up to them. Jaesuk noticed it and Gary was really surprised.. Then he blurted this out:

I had to contain my laughter because it was already 2AM and everybody in the house were sleeping already. ㅋㅋㅋ
Kindly take note that this happened to Gary's team.

Then for the second team (Kim Jong Kook, Haha and Kim Joohyuk), they went on the tram and was followed by fans as well. The girls got to catch up and one raised a Haha-dedicated poster. I was doing a good job restraining myself from laughing but I succumbed after noticing this:

Of course, that E.L.F. could mean a lot of things; but I don't think Haha's fans are called E.L.F. too and I don't think that that girl's name is ELF. hahaha! So allow me to assume that that E.L.F. on the girl's paper stands for Everlasting Friends, the fans of Super Junior.

It just feels cute and overwhelmed and thankful and happy that even Gary knows about SJ's popularity in China... and it feels better to realize that E.L.F. will do whatever she can to prove SJ that they are being loved so much. 

I wish there'll be a Running Man SJ special. ㅋㅋㅋ I just want to see the boys running around and playing challenges... :)

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