Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Step


Finally, my long-term dream has started. I have made the initial deposit for World Vision Development Foundation already, and just in time for Super Junior's 6th Anniversary on November 6th!

It has always been my dream to involve myself on this. You know, I value education a lot so I think I just have to do my part in helping unfortunate kids go to school. Of course, I could just choose a recipient from our place but that will be too difficult since envy may arise among people.

So I got into World Vision and decided to sponsor a child!

But since I also want to do a long-term project for Jungsu, I decided to include him in the plan. teehee. I put his name as the sponsor, so all the letters and cards which the kid I will be sponsoring will be addressed to him. Figuratively, he'll the foster father. <3

This is not really much of a project, I know. And I would not forsake the kid's identity and spread his/her personal information here. I did this just for the sake of coming up with a compilation because in the future, I want to look back to the my past and tell myself and the whole world that this fandom isn't just about spending fortunes for the boys and for myself... It's about helping others be happy too. <3  

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