Thursday, October 6, 2011


RT @rapperhyuk Teuk said: 'Everyone, please don't be too sad because I'm filming WGM. I read everything you all tell me on Twitter."

Do what you want to do if you think it's the best for you.
But please just bear in mind that in the army, you wouldn't rest. It's gonna be daunting in there too.
So you need not to force yourself to so much work just because you're leaving for two years soon.

And Jungsu,
if you're doing this to leave a legacy which we'll remember while you're away,
there's no need.
What you've been for the past 5 years and what you will be in the army is enough for us to wait for you, and love you still - unconditionally.

You've got loads of work on your shoulders right now, leader.
We're not against you on WGM.
Just please... just please find time to rest. :(

Because seeing you tired and weary and all stressed out is so much painful than seeing you hold hands and getting intimate with on-screen wives. 

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