Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Other Love.

 (I'm) always working hard in life like tomorrow is the last day! My profession only needs love from the fans and the public. There's no greater happiness than that and I don't want other love either.
(TRANS by: AngeLeeteuk)

There is no other love that could equate the love of ELF for Super Junior, leader. I couldn't fully understand what you are trying to say but there are things which I want to believe, especially that there are a lot of things happening right now. 

But whatever happens, I know that you know and you see the effort of millions of fans to love you, all the way.

Just like you, we'll be supporting you each day of our lives like we're going to die tomorrow. We will be standing behind you - blocking all arrows pointed at you and taking all bullets fired at you. We will be your protection so you can walk in this life, unhurt. 

The love that you deserve, we will give it to you.
Whenever big people will bring you down, we will raise you all up using our small hands.
We will be here. We will always be here.

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