Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Jungsu's Marriage

WARNING: This is a very assuming post.

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I have been very vocal about Jungsu's 'marriage' on WGM, right? Well, it's not that people give a damn about my opinions but it's just that I cannot keep the thoughts for myself. I needed to vent it all out on this blog and make people know that as a fan, I couldn't really accept the setup.

But when I saw Jungsu smile at Sora, when I saw inexplicable joy drawn on his face, I realized that there is no reason to hate the decision of getting married, on-screen.

Because it permits me to see Jungsu authentically happy.

I watched all released episodes (there were 3 already) and I have to admit that I'm longing for more. haha! No, seriously, it was so comfortable to watch, everything's so candid (I believe Jungsu's really that flirt >:]), and Jungsu's just so sweet.

The jealousy and envy which I have been dreading for didn't come. Instead, I was greeted by acceptance and realization that if the time comes that Jungsu really gets married, I'll be able to be happy for him. <3

And Kang Sora? Admit it or not, she's so beautiful and pure. I do not really know her. I haven't seen any of her works. But seeing her smile at Jungsu, and appreciate everything the leader is doing for her, I believe MBC did the right move of pairing her with my bias.

Jungsu asked for the blessings of ELF on Music Core, and I guess I can now give it wholeheartedly. :)

Dimple Couple FIGHTING!

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