Friday, October 21, 2011

The Funny Thing Lies on Stereotyping

I felt a little nostalgic a few days ago and decided to rummage Youtube for songs of my most favorite OPM band : Parokya ni Edgar. They released a new album last year and it was my first time to listen to all of the songs.

With all the uncertainties that the local fandom is going through right now, I found great relief on Chito Miranda's voice. His effect on me is still the same as how it was when I was still in Grade 6. I guess, it'll never fade. 

But then, I don't know but lately, I've been noticing the fun of reading the comments below each video. I really find the varying opinions of people cute and diverse. It has always been exciting for me to know the different opinions of people, after all. 

But then I read something that pulled all the strings in me. I just had to answer it back not to defend my beliefs but to at least, make him realize the unfairness of his comments.

Here's our conversation:

(Trans under the cut)

xxxx: Fuck KPOP and Justin Bieber, they're both non-sense
ME: just because you don't like the songs or the genre means it don't have sense anymore.
xxxx: But it's true, right? Always trying to be cute! composers are just waiting their time making songs for KPOP artists... Oh well, that's money. And as for Bieber, though he knows how to write songs, he's just trying to be cute as well.. Why wouldn't the world mature?
ME:  But if you think about it, there are also lots of bands who write songs for money. XD different interests. And you can't say that KPOP is always trying to be cute (As for Bieber, no comment. hehe) because there are people who believe in them. And KPOP couldn't be understood unless you immerse yourself on it. Same thing with rock. :) Thus, there should be no comparison. :) And if the basis of maturity is being one-sided, then it's not maturity.
xxxx: For KPOP, it's okay if Koreans would listen because they're of the same race. But Filipinos feel like Koreans as well because of KPOP.. then they're listening to it just because the artists are handsome.
ME: Uh... Isn't that stereotypical already? Because if Filipinos listen to American music, why is it just okay? Why is it that if they listen to Koreans, it's not anymore? Haha. I listen to KPOP. But truth is, it's not beacuse they're good-looking. Maybe that's a factor. But there are a lot of KPOP artists who know how to make real music. :) They're not just given proper attention and recognition because they're being subjected to stereotyping. 
xxxx: I didn't mean that... You know who I'm pointing at. I know that in every genre, there's these people who knows music and some who really are senseless.

Ah, the stereotype.

It's funny for me how his aura suddenly changed when I mentioned American music. One moment, he's generalizing. Next moment, he's there trying to claim that he's not.

I don't know but I felt a little relieved and hopeful that somehow, I got to knock some sense on this person. I do not mean to embarrass him. If that's my intention, I wouldn't have covered his username so KPOP fans can attack him. 

What I'm saying is that there are a lot more people that's like this guy. They've gone sooooo dedicated to generalizing KPOP artists and its fans, seeing them as people who don't think and are slaves of good-looking faces. But what they do not realize is that they are the same as us. I bet my life that most of the people who are badmouthing KPOP are fans of international acts. And are trying to be like them, as well.

I am really blessed that I got to talk to a nice stereotype... You know, one who wouldn't constantly include the words 'FUCK', 'BULLSHIT', and all other curses on his reply. I'm glad to have shared this conversation with an educated person, or so I suppose.


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