Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Henry ♥

Dear Henry,

I know I've gone way too delusional that I even came up with a letter for you. I know you wouldn't even read this, but in case you would find interest on this crappy letter, I just want to tell you that on your 22nd birthday, I wish you nothing but the best.

How long has it been when you first started living the complicated 'idol-life'? I wasn't beside you when you did. I think I don't even know Super Junior yet that time. But you see, for like three serious years in this fandom, I think I can say that I never once doubted on you.

Being an idol in South Korea must have been the most difficult thing in your life. Until now, my blood boils when I remember all the hurtful remarks and stupid treatments many have given you. You may just hide it with your smiles but your eyes speak of pain and sadness at times. Sometimes, I even feel guilty that we couldn't do anything to stop those people; that we couldn't do anything to really protect you.

Except for one thing: support you all the way.

For the past years, I saw you struggle through everything. And you know what? You make me proud with everything you do. The musical genius in you is like forever awesome and I will always look up to your ability to write good and great songs. And of course, who would even forget the way you play the violin. You will always be my violin master, babe.

Now that you've turned 22, I will pray to God that He keeps you protected and blessed. And I also pray that He continuously provide you with more reasons to keep those cheeks fluffy with smiles. I also hope that your family will also receive so much blessings. (Even if they have so much already since they have you)

Henry, I will forever support you. I may not be a devoted string, but I love you enough to forever keep the promise that as I believe on the 13, I will protect the 15.

Thank you for existing, Henry. One smile and you will give us the best birthday blowout this year.
I love you, kid. ^^

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