Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'd Give Anything to Have SS4 Manila

I would never be able to transcribe into an article whatever I am feeling right now. Excited? Proud? Happy? In-love? No. It's more than that; even more than what  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious could mean.

Super Show 4 is beyond words.

The boys started world domination right. 7 out of 10 trending topics WORLDWIDE, how do we make it in an instant? And mind you all, the boys sang in English and did acapella, played a variety of instruments, danced, and made us all hyped up even just through the livestream. (oh well, i didn't use livestreaming coz I can't.).

[I guess I have to make another article for Zhoumi's solo. That meant a whole lot to me.]

I don't know. I just want to see everything live. From the half-naked VCR to Ryeowook's abs... to the glory of Mimi's solo to the loving atmosphere the boys would exude in person. I want to experience it all live again.

And if there'll be no SS4 Manila, I would really be going overseas. No thinking twice. Come what may with money, I will do this.

But then, everybody knows that I'd do anything for a show here. Nothing beats that. But it's another story.

Super Junior has taken another step to prove the world of their mighty existence. It's flawless. Even non-fans would surely admit... The boys did a great job.

And they'll be doing more. :)

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