Sunday, November 20, 2011

Captivating Magic of Lee Sungmin's Music

I have always believed that music needs no language. The message it speaks of depends entirely on the melody and the ability of the singer to be relied. And with Sungmin's solo for SS4 Seoul last night, I was given another proof that music needs no barrier to touch the hearts of those who listen.

credits: eshm104 @ youtube

As one comment have put it on Youtube, Sungmin isn't the most powerful singer in Super Junior. With the presence of KRY, his voice will most likely be in the supporting most of the time. But when he is put on the spotlight, he owns the stage with his ballad songs.

And the song... I couldn't understand the meaning as I don't know Korean that much. But Sungmin's voice and the way he interpreted the lovely song is enough to make me realize that it has touched my heart already, even before I knew it.

The capability of Lee Sungmin to justify any song is indescribable. Not just his voice and the melody, but his eyes also show true passion which no words could ever describe. Though he's a very private person, his glistening eyes give us all a glimpse of his soul - passionate, reserved, and very emotional.

I guess that's what make Sungmin stand out. He pours out everything he has in every song he sings. He adds color to it. He makes it more beautiful. And admit it or not, as you listen to the song, there's this moment when you closed your eyes to feel the overflowing emotions his music puts you on. 

I never thought that his solo would be the first one I would review, considering all the tears I've shed on Zhoumi's part. But I guess it's okay. Sungmin is in Super Junior, and no one comes ahead of the others when we're talking about the group.

Going back... Sungmin really doesn't have a powerful voice compared to KRY's. But you see, he has his own magic to captivate us all. And you can never say no to it.

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