Monday, November 14, 2011

A Late Post

LOL. It was on October 15 when we got these pictures taken and I'm sharing it to you. :)

These were the pictures we had when we watched Super Show 3 3D in Gateway on the 15th of October. I came a little late again, but just in time for the show. ^^ I came when everybody was about to sing Happy Birthday to Donghae (who was celebrating his birthday then) and Henry who celebrated on the 11th. ^^


the cute cakes for Donghae and Henry from SJUPH; the picture-filled and mouthwatering one from StarfishPH
Me with Miel and Clarisse ^^

with Miel ^^
An accent to StarfishPH's cake. ^^ Special participation by Yesung. ^^

We ate at KFC Araneta for dinner with some other friends and spent the whole time laughing. Miel and I had a little off-KPOP conversations when we shared stories about our addiction on OPM bands. ^^ That's when I realized that it's not just this fandom and the inability to straightly pronounce the letter R that I share with her. ^^

It was a spectacular night, even though it was my second time watching the movie already. It was really a good experience seeing them boys on 3D. And seeing them makes me go gaga and desperate to have them again for SS4 ^^

I badly need a Super Show 4. :)

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