Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking Forward to Christmas!

I never looked forward to Christmas. Yes, I'm happy that it happens and I take part in all religious practices for it wholeheartedly; but I don't really get excited when Christmas is coming near. Ever since I graduated high school, the Holiday Seasons has just been ordinary to me. No more excuses.

This is the reason why I wasn't excited when the news about the SMTown Winter Album came out. I spazzed and felt good when Snow White was released (believing that it sounded like a Christmas song) but it ended there. So I never would have thought that I will be changed by the newest song of Super Junior, which is SANTA, YOU ARE THE ONE.


It was supposed to be an ordinary Christmas carol, but I can never deny its effect on me. It's not just because it was sung by my favorite group and it was in pure English; but the song lyrics totally reflects what Christmas really should be: simple and happy. 

How did I say that?

The lyrics of the song made me go back to my childhood. When I considered the melody, I was stunned more by the realization that, yes, I missed being someone who gets giddy when Christmas comes near. I know I'm totally not making sense but I know that you know what I'm talking about. The song brought out what I've been trying to deny all my life - that I am still a kid who will hope for Santa to come on Christmas Eve with my gift.

Now let's go to the fact that Super Junior sang this song.

It's the title track for the Winter Album. Meaning, it represents everything else. This is one of the rare things that I really should thank their company for. It's not always that they give this opportunity to Super Junior. I don't know if this is how it really is; but somehow, I want to think that they gave this opportunity to our boys because they are finally recognizing the fact that at this very moment, SJ is their biggest stars.

As for the video, it was really great. Upon hearing the song, I told my friends that I wish that the music video would show light and fun scenes; and wish granted. Seeing them become so cute and lovely and everything nice, I can't help but really be thankful that I've been sharing the past Christmases with Super Junior and it just keeps getting better and better, EAR AFTER EAR year after year. hehehe

And the fact that HENRY and ZHOUMI were there made it just more terrific. I mean it. Seeing them in a video with the main group just feels so wonderful. They chose the right timing. Christmas is the season of acceptance and I just wish that people will realize that. The two did well and I'm so proud of them.

And Jungsu, babe, I'm just so proud of  you hitting those high notes and all.

Geez. I never thought I'd look forward to Christmas. Thanks, Super Junior, for making me normal again. ^^

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