Sunday, December 18, 2011

Losing Hope on GDA?

I mean it. I no longer want to care about the GDA. Seriously. I know that there are a lot of stuff happening around and it makes me just want to focus on the fact that at the end of each day, it is not the number of trophies that would measure the greatness of my boys. It will always be the memories and inspiration they have successfully engraved in the hearts of fans like us.

But as I think about this issue, I realized that I think - even for the last time - I would really have to fight for what I believe is right. Since this was already posted in SJ Market, I think there's no doubting anymore. I guess it's understandable that something is just not right. Some people are up for mischief and they are decided to drag not just Super Junior, but the whole fandom, down.

I know it's too early to conclude; but considering what happened on 2010, I would never cease to assume. My heart and mind are both enraged. This is not what Super Junior deserved. Based on how I see it, we are being deprived of the things we know we should receive, and we are becoming the underdogs in the story.

Yes, I don't care about the trophies. But I care about how these boys - who are working almost 24 hours a day - would feel when the chance of being the best group for the last time will be taken away from them. I would never ever let anyone ruin the name and reputation of a group who reached the top mostly on their own.

I don't know what kind of actions Korean ELF will do about this. As an international fan, I could only provide support them; and make people understand that there really is something wrong. No, I'm not involving any other group. I just want everyone to see what might really be happening.

And I wish the issue isn't real. I really wish.

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