Monday, December 19, 2011

On Shindong's Moves.

The critic in me overpowered my being an SJ-fan when I saw this teaser ad of Multi-Sung. Knowing that Shindong has a knack for this kind of editing styles, I want to believe that he became a one-man production for this. Since I used to edit videos too, I really can claim that this is one of the most simple yet most effective ad I've ever seen.

The artists who appeared count, of course. But the concept was kinda unexpected, especially that I think Shindong's starting an online shop. But it sure was catchy that people would really look forward to it, I bet. I especially liked it that Shindong just made these people mention 'Multi Sung,' and there, one of the greatest techniques in advertising (at least for me!) has been used: REPETITION. 

Okay. I'm gonna speak about what I learned: So repetition is the most basic yet the most tricky (that's why I refer to it as one of the greatest). It's cute to see people repeating the term, but if the execution or the concept of the whole ad isn't really interesting, repetition will turn out annoying. Shindong did a great save by asking famous people to say that, and using good video styles.

And as my friends say, "LET SHIN DONG HEE EDIT THE MUSIC VIDEOS OF SUPER JUNIOR!" Enough with the craps of dizzying MV's that are worse than fancams. HAHAHAHA!

I was kinda startled with people's comments about this teaser. Prior to this, Shindong photoshopped a picture of himself with Siwon's abs and some people didn't like it. They were accusing our Donghee of being a limelight-thief or attention-grabbing - which are quite off to me.

OMONATHEYDIDN'T's title: I KNOW MAJORITY OF US HATED SHINDONG BUT HE'S PLANNING SOMETHING BIG AND I'M INTERESTED ABOUT IT kind of surprised me. Though I truthfully do not question the title since I know how this cool site really is with their titles, I can't help but wonder for myself that are there really people who are still hating on Shindong?

I hope I am not the only one thinking about it... But don't you guys realize that Shindong is just being wise? I mean... whether we accept it or not, Super Junior is not an eternal group and being a member who believes (though I beg to disagree) that he might be nothing in the entertainment industry after the group breaks up, he's already starting businesses that would provide him with finances in the future.

Being a CEO is something serious for Shindong, or so I believe.

That is why I don't get it why people would hate on Shindong. Really. I mean, he's just doing this because he wants an assurance for himself and for his family that when the curtain closes, he will still be fine - financially. 

Furthermore, he is actually a good example! People should learn to be like him. Nowadays, we are really getting immersed with the present that we fail to look forward to the future and prepare for what might happen next. But Shindong's showing us that it is important to be ready. No one knows what the future holds, after all. ^^

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  1. nako, super support ako kay shindong talaga!!! crush na crush ko na kaya siya!!! ibang-iba na!!! kahit yung kapatid kong si jasmine, kinikilig na sa kanya pagnakikita siya sa MV's ng SUJU eh...


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