Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Efforts Paid Off

I knew this was going to happen. After the news was published in Naver and in AKP, I knew the fact that Super Junior had topped the album charts in the Philippines for 9 consecutive album releases will be known to the members...


Now, imagine the joy.

I know that a lot of my friends are judging me right now. After several weeks of spazzing over other groups and disregarding Super Junior (but lol guys, it was never easy doing that when it's intentional), here I am feeling so friggin' proud that my ultimate bias and the leader of (still) the best group [for me] has actually tweeted about the news. 

There are two reasons why I am crying for joy right now.

I bet there is no way Jungsu will forget the Philippines anymore. I'm not bullying the leader or anything (nor am I mad at him) but you know, there are certain times when he tends to forget the Philippines. It's really not an issue to me although sometimes, I get kinda hurt because I feel like our efforts are not recognized. But now, with this, I don't think we would be left behind when it comes to his speeches and thoughts now.

The Philippine ELF did it.

Let me not dwell on the issue about who supported the local releases and who ridiculed the idea because it will not count in Hanteo. I have the comments reserved for my very personal opinions. But let me talk about the fact that this is a rare thing for us, Filipino fans.

As we all know, the Philippines is a third-world country. Even if we got to enjoy two Super Shows already, everybody knows that most fans from here are struggling. But look at what we have done. I am not really boasting (though I sound like one) but one thing that I really like about the Philippine ELF is that we know what dedication is all about. YES, WE KNOW FULLY WHAT DEDICATION IS.

 The 9 consecutive albums garnered Super Junior with a history that is definitely difficult to topple. I bet one local artist is currently mocking the group, the fans, and the turnout at the moment; but that loser will just be a loser, so no worries about what he’s probably saying about this. Hehe. :>


This is something to be really, really proud of. But I hope that some Philippine ELF would not find this as an excuse to brag and boast on other groups’ fans. This is a recognition which we have all taken part in. Extra thanks should be given to fanclubs and fanbases who have exerted effort in promoting the local releases, though. So whether we bought it or we just helped in promoting (because we don't have money to buy), I raise my hat to all of you. 

Let this be a part of a glorious memory. Let this be a part of a very special history. I hope that with this, we managed to really make Super Junior feel loved and truly loved in the Philippines. I know that the boys value their fans' efforts so much so I pray that we also value the special meaning that this title holds. 

Congratulations, Super Junior!
Congratulations, Philippine ELF!

And to our dear leader,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You do not have any idea how much it means to me whenever you mention the Philippines on your tweets. I haven't even thanked you yet for getting inspiration from the Cebu inmates for your impressive MAMA performance.
So here's a double thanks to you. 
And yeah, no matter how much I fangirl over other guys, it never change...
I love you.

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