Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cyworld: Hankyung 2010.02.09

2010-02-09 15:15
Let Love Fly**
Thank you for the best birthday present! Really touched really~~~Let’s all continue to work hard together~~~!!!
I love you all !!!
Source: 韩庚 Cyworld
credit: eunmi/
** The Birthday/Charity Project from GengBaidu.
I knew he’s coming back. I knew he’s gonna be with us again. I knew he’ll never leave.
That’s why I 13elieved.
It’s Geng oppa’s birthday yesterday. Others might not have been interested but I was really, really waiting and anticipating for a message from him. And when I checked on sj-world a while ago, there it is.
Let’s all continue to work hard together~~~!!!
All. Work Hard. Together. I know it’s just me but I have this powerful intuition that Geng is coming back soon. We will continue. We will work hard. We will be together. I might have been sounding so assuming since day one. But admit it, you’re wishing this to come true too.
I missed him so much. When I read his message, I realize that Super Junior will always be a part of Geng. And they will always be a part of me.
That’s the very reason why I wouldn’t mind to be late on an early schedule for my event just to be able to write whatever you’re reading now.
Stupid. haha! But because Geng loves me as much as he does to you, then I know, things will be okay. And things will turn out just like how it used to be. ^^

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